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Monogram GOBO Lighting

A "name in lights" Monogram GOBO projection image or monogram can be added to personalize your elegant modern event even more. GOBO is the nickname for a small custom-made metal or glass plate that "GOes Between Optics" in a spotlight projector. The image usually contains names, initials, a logo or a message and can be projected onto the dance floor or other surface at your wedding, party or special event.

Below are our 5 most popular "Wedding Monogram GOBO" design choices:
Simple GOBO Monogram
Names and Hearts GOBO Monogram
Names, Heart and Date GOBO Monogram
Heart GOBO Monogram
Initials GOBO Monogram
Names-Only Gobo
Names and
2 Hearts Gobo
Names, 2 Hearts
and Date Gobo
Heart Gobo
Initials Gobo

Once you decide on a GOBO Monogram for your event, it's then a simple 3-step process:

  1. Select the design you prefer from our 5 most popular examples above or feel free to browse our catalog of GOBO images. Custom-made designs from your ideas are an available option as well in some cases.
  2. We will design a proof and send it to you for your approval for our custom-made and 5 most popular examples. Catalog images are ordered from a third party company.
  3. Once approved, we'll create the gobo of your design or order your design, to be installed into our GOBO monogram projector and displayed for your entire event. Please see Pricing page for current prices.

Gobo projection onto every open surface at a venue is not always possible due to the venue's physical limitations. We'll need proper space to position the spotlight projector and it's stand correctly and safely. Ideally, placing the projector a distance of 10 to 20 feet from the center of the dance floor or directly opposite the wall behind the head table is best for maximum, optimal impact of this lighting effect.

Rhode Island Wedding DJ with Monogram Logo Light in Westerly, RI Rhode Island Wedding Disc Jockey with Monogram Logo Light at Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI
MA Wedding DJ and Party DJ with Monograms Logo GOBO Lighting.  RI Wedding DJ and Party DJ with Monogram Logo GOBO Lighting.  DJ in Rhode Island and DJ in Massachusetts Massachusetts Wedding Disc Jockey and Party Disc Jockey with Monogram Logo Light at Lake Pearl Luciano's in Wrentham, Massachusetts

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